KPI Consulting

With years of experience in providing a comprehensive human capital management solution, our KPIs consulting service will provide customers with knowledge and experience to apply successfully, efficiently and comprehensively of Strategic map and Balance Scorecard and other modern management tools in business strategy planning through the following steps:

  1. Overall evaluation
  2. Enterprise strategy development
  3. Organizational structure standardization
  4. Functional Standardization of Departments
  5. Title system Standardization
  6. Job description development
  7. KPI and KPI evaluation regulation development
  8. Monitoring and learning from experience
  9. Checking and editing

If your Company is falling into one of the following four situations:

  • Have heard about BSC / KPIs and would like to learn more
  • Developed a Balanced Scorecard / KPIs system and need professional support to develop this system to a higher level.
  • There is a problem in the development and implementation of the Balanced Scorecard / KPIs
  • Have a Balanced Scorecard / KPIs system that works well but want to re-evaluate for new updates

Please contact us immediately to be consulted directly at your Company!