Kaizen Consulting

Counsulting activities and solutions to improve quality and productivity through KAIZEN, is an economic term of Japanese that is compounded by 改 (“kai”) meaning change and 善 (“zen”) means better. Kaizen means “change for the better” or “continuous improvement”.

The secret of Kaizen’s application is to minimize waste in areas such as inventory, working, transportation and waiting time reduction, with the travel of factory workers, Maximizing production redundancy and creating a tidy and scientific workplace.

RCEM provides a highly efficient kaizen consulting service based on the TPS (TOYOTA Production System) manufacturing approach, which transforms enterprises into lean and competitive one in all aspects in terms of technology, quality, cost, and price.

Process for Kaizen consulting and production management services


RCEM’s experts will survey the current situation of the business production processes of enterprises to determine the value flow, technological characteristics, human resource and management of enterprises. Identify the causes that make your enterprise ineffective and find opportunities for improvement


RCEM experts will work with corporate executives to formulate improvement/kaizen teams within the company to jointly analyze and propose kaizen report on strategy, roadmap, and specific plan.

These improvement/kaizen plans will be submitted to the Executive Board for discussion based on the actual conditions of the enterprise


  • Experienced experts of RCEM will train working skills, guide the pilot implementation at positions chosen as a model on the basis of analysis and elaboration of the detailed plan.
  • Organize employee management and training courses in line with actual conditions of the enterprise.
  • Guidance for strengthening practice, data collection, monitoring, evaluation and lessons learned from sample implementation project.
  • Guidance for planning and implementing the expansion of Lean Manufacturing application and / or management / improvement tools application throughout the organization


Guidance for monitoring, evaluating, reviewing the implementation process and achieved results to have appropriate responses


  • Summarize the project and draw on the successes and shortcomings of the project
  • Create a premise to carry out the company’s next improvement/kaizen projects