Lean Manufaturing in Industry 4.0

The Industrial Revolution 4.0 marks the pinnacle of human civilization, which is expected to create miracles for human life; To take advantage of this revolution, every nation in general and enterprise in particular should have some important factors: the leader, the creative manager with 4.0 vision ; high quality human resources and synchronous infrastructure for innovation.

TPS/Lean Manufacturing is a system of techniques and practices that are widely used to improve productivity. It also involves operational cost reduction by eliminating non-value added activities and waste from the organization. The integration of lean manufacturing systems and technological advances such as Industry 4.0 has become inevitable due to the requirement of efficient production and the connection of all production lines and functions.

The course on “Lean Manufacturing in the 4.0 Industry” aims to help companies applying TPS to outsource their own production and make significant progress in production management. and business in the 4.0 industrial era. At the same time, support for Vietnamese enterprises to approach applying LEAN production system in order to improve labor productivity and production efficiency in the context of fierce competition today.