7 Basic Tools of Quality Management

In Vietnam today, the application of statistical tools in quality control is very limited or does not know to apply. The use of seven basic quality control tools is considered to be indispensable for achieving the goal of “Total Quality”, bringing satisfaction to customers at the lowest cost.

The “7 Quality Management Tools” training courses are designed to provide participants with basic knowledge about 7 Quality Management tools, how these 7 tools are used in solving the problem. Students will understand and apply 7 QC tools to reduce waste of time by using a common approach to solve problems effectively.


  • Understand the importance and use of quality tools in work and process improvement;
  • Learn how to draw 7 tools using MS Excel;
  • Effectively measure and treatment the deployment methods;
  • Capture 7 steps to solve problems and methods to apply 7 quality management tools into the workplace in the business.

(To receive a detailed outline of the course, please contact us via email: info@rcem.edu.vn)