“Pro Production Team leader” Program in Rang Dong Light Source & Vacuum Flask Joint Stock Company and Son Duong Sugar Company

Research Center for Economic and Management (RCEM) – School of Economics & Management successfully organized the training program “Pro Production Team leader” for Son Duong Sugar and sugarcane JSC and Rang Dong Light Source & Vacuum Flask JSC.

The training program lasted for 5 days with 5 contents related to the production group leader. The trainees understood the roles and responsibilities of a leader during the production process of the enterprise. Be equipped with solutions, tools and know how to maximize the strength of the production team to achieve quality and productivity targets and develop action plans to prevent losses to minimize waste for your business. In addition, trainees can master basic skills in order to create internal relationships through communication channels and teamwork.

During the learning process, the trainees participated in the exercises, group discussions and presented real problems at their production lines, then together with the lecturers and experts discussed to discover waste, 5S activities and give suggestions as well as ideas and solutions to existing problems.

Research Center for Economic & Management – School of Economics and Management would like to send the deepest thanks to the Company and participants.

Hopefully after the course, you will have more useful knowledge as well as skills necessary to support its work.