Pro CEO Program in VinaSugar 1

The “Pro CEO Program” was organized for VinaSugar1 – Joint Stock Company which lasted for 7 days with 5 contents including the main pillars of a CEO that gave the trainees a lot of useful knowledge, practical lessons, bloody experience from leading experts in all fields. Learners are equipped with the most comprehensive knowledge, the most competent capabilities that a CEO should have, stimulating leadership ability and development orientation of trainees; Upgrade yourself before restructuring your business, find the right path for successful integration.

During the learning process, participants actively participated in the group discussions and raised real-life issues in their business, then together with the trainers gave suggestions as well as ideas and directions to solve problems that exist.

RCEM is very pleased to be highly appreciated by trainee of VinaSugar 1 for the value of the course, hopefully after the program, participants will be able to apply their knowledge to be more successful at work and life.